Is downloading movies from Showbox safe?

is showbox safe to useShowBox is a free video online streaming and downloading app. All you need to watch your favorite shows is a reliable internet connection. ShowBox appeals to so many people because it can be enjoyed over a wide range of devices and platforms. From a simple mobile phone to a laptop, it caters to a wide range of audiences. That it is entirely free to use over any device has attracted skepticism from many TV lovers who feel that the deal is too good to be true, so they opt to avoid ShowBox.

This article will demystify any concerns and explain how to make the most of the app.

ShowBox: Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Common problems

1. No details required?

Yes, you do not have to log in or provide any registration details to use ShowBox. You may be asked to log in when using your email account when downloading the support software for ShowBox.

Otherwise, to access activate the app and search for your favorite show.

2. Is Showbox safe?

Contrary to what most people believe, ShowBox is safe for your PC or Laptop. Many are convinced that because it is free, there is not much commitment to ensuring security. This is false, ShowBox is just as safe as any other movie streaming app.

Using ShowBox, therefore, does not expose your computer to malware.

3. Why can’t the movie I select play?

This can be due to 2 reasons:

  • The lack of adequate internet connection – if the network is weak and the data is low, the movie may not load.
  • Servers – ShowBox is supported by many server torrents, which enable you to watch these shows. This way, if one fails, you will always have another source of the movie clip you require.

You should also update the ShowBox APK file and restart your device, then try again if changing servers does not work.

4. Why is the video loading so slowly?

  • Reduced internet connection causing delays in buffering.
  • Despite its elegant design, ShowBox is a hefty app. You require at least 40MBs of free space. Create more space by deleting videos, images, and other files.


Users have repeatedly complained about the number of ads that appear per viewing session. However, it is essential to note that adverts are the primary source of funding for ShowBox. Similar to other free social media platforms, advertisements are just tolerated to ensure sustainability.

If it interferes with your user experience, you can download an Adblocker.


Ideally, the download button should just be next to the Play.

If the download button does not appear, try using another server. Alternatively, you can install a downloader app such as ADM or Vidmate, which is highly recommended, especially for Android devices using ShowBox.

7. The audio will not synch, how can I fix this?

This depends on the device in question.

Android Player / TV

This is common on some TV brands. Fix it by unplugging the HDMI while the device is on and returning it. The video and audio will be in sync.

Tablet / Phone

In the settings, uncheck the “Use internal layer” option, which can be found after selecting Quality Control. You can then use the MX player; it is external and can be downloaded for free from the Google store.

8. What do updates do?

Updates are a way to enhance your experience; improvements are always being made, so still update the ShowBox app to get the best out of what it offers, including new movies.


Step 7 will also resolve this problem.


This refers to the resolution, the highest being 1080P, which provides high-quality videos but uses more data; the lower the resolution, the higher the data savings. You can toggle between these to decide which one works best for you on each device.

As you can see, most issues arise because of configuration or internet settings, which are common in other apps. ShowBox cannot damage your software or hardware. Nor is it illegal to use.

Does Showbox have viruses/spyware?

The brief answer is no, ShowBox doesn’t have any viruses or spyware.

All the rumors on the internet are false. The old, full-eye logo can surely make some people paranoid. Some have accused the ads of matching what people search for as evidence of being spied upon. How can something be free and not be a threat, no?

How the ads match your search results

The thing is, what you google is not strictly between you and the search engine you use. The data you generate is stored remotely so that nobody can access it. Then it is anonymously shared with advertising agencies that use it to cater to ads on the apps and websites they are engaged in. This data helps to serve relevant ads to the consumer, so you find them useful for yourself.

So, the ads you see on ShowBox APK aren’t evidence of spying. This is an attempt by ad agencies to get you to click on the ad, so they can earn more and share more with the developers of ShowBox, or any other app/website you see the advertisement on.

Fix for too many ads: is the app a virus?

No, ShowBox is not a virus. There are a few rogue apk files on the Internet which have changed and tweaked the original version to make an unsavory app. These rogue apk files are fake and unauthorized by the developers of ShowBox. These files commonly give the app administrator privileges by default and display ads, regardless of what you’re doing, even if the ShowBox app has been closed and removed from the app tray.

The solution is to remove the app and install the latest apk file. Rogue apk files are usually from the 4.72 version, so spotting them should be easy. Get the latest ShowBox Apk version from the Internet and install it after uninstalling the previous version.

To remove the previous rogue version, revoke the app’s administrator privileges from the App Settings. You should be able to uninstall it right away if you cannot.

Watch your best TV shows with peace of mind and a clear consciousness with Showbox!

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