Downloading movies from Showbox to computer: easy guide

Downloading movies from Showbox to computerShowBox is one of the best apps when you need to stream a movie online or download one. It is undoubtedly your entertainment partner. Being a top-rated and useful app, it is available to all smartphones and personal computers. It is a very convenient app to catch all your favorite shows from wherever.

However, to enjoy these services, you need to have this application on your PC. You can find more details on the app’s website. Customer service is very reliable in case you have any queries.

Below are easy steps on how to get the ShowBox app on your PC quickly.


It is used to ensure the functioning of all Android apps on the phone. There are many emulators you can choose from. As for now, we will go with KoPlayer. This is because it is cheap and straightforward in downloading and installation.

You can download it via this link. Ensure that you have a speedy internet connection so that the download does not take too long.


You should now click on the file setup to run it. You then agree to the terms of the licensing agreement to continue. A new window will open, asking you to keep what you should.

By then, it will be ready to function and give you direct messages. You can skip them or read each one of them if you are interested in knowing more.


You need the source of ShowBox to install it. It is usually in a file called ShowBox Apk. There is an option to “Showbox APK download”. Click on it to start the installation process.

In a short while, the app will open and be ready to function. You can now find its icon on your desktop. By now, you have accomplished the first significant step.


You can select a movie or video of your choice ready to download. Fortunately, in ShowBox, there is a wide range of movies and shows you can watch.

You may download many of them. The other good thing about ShowBox is that it does not require signing in or the details required to log in to stream online.


  • It does not require signing in or logging in details.
  • The size ShowBox occupies on your device is minimal. Hence, you need to delete more files to make room for its installation.
  • It is also user-friendly and allows you to watch many of your favorite shows or movies.
  • It allows you to prepare a list of all your favorite movies and videos.
  • ShowBox is clearly labeled and hence you have no chance of getting lost and looking for what you want is made quite a simple task.
  • There is a sort button that you can sort videos and movies in the way you find most appropriate or one that suits you.
  • You can also share your experience and the best movies with your friends.

Showbox appreciates your remarks about the app, and they leave a segment where people can say a thing or two about it.


Once in ShowBox, it has four labels where you can easily find the specific movie you are looking for. You then select the video, and the app asks you whether you want to watch or download it.

Click on the download button and your movie will be downloaded and stored on your PC. You can also sort the movies the way you need them to be for download.

However, select a video according to the PC’s compatibility. This is to ensure the movie has no problems when watching from your computer after downloading. It is better to download a video because it will be easy to access it when you are free on your PC.

The complete process may be aborted or unsuccessful, which is most likely caused by slow internet. The process is always accessible and straightforward. Even a beginner will easily follow the steps and install the app in a matter of minutes.