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Show Box for Android is an aggregator of popular movies. It has a built-in video player. With this directory, you can not only watch movies online, but also download them directly to your device.

You can find videos to watch based on many factors (genre, duration, season, first and second choice of actors, year of release, etc.). The aggregator’s database includes both new and popular movies and TV shows that you can no longer rent.

What Showbox can do for you

Analyzes the movie parameters set by the user in a custom search menu;

Generates a list of movies, TV shows, and cartoons based on the criteria you provide;

Sorts the results according to the filter you select;

When the cover is clicked, it gives a full summary of the movie;

It displays the streaming video for the selected movie;

If the hardware or Internet connection is poor, it automatically changes the playback quality.

It chooses the best download protocol if the quality correction wasn’t enough to make the playback comfortable;

Downloads (on demand) the video file selected by the user;

If many video files are downloaded at the same time, it automatically changes the download order and protocols.

What’s more

A huge collection of videos, both new and old;

Automatic detection of viewing “comfort”, if desired;

Smart downloader;

It has an easy to use interface with many options that can be changed.


After unlocking the screen on some (mostly Chinese) smartphones, the application crashes.

Some smartphones, especially Chinese ones, don’t work with external storage media. You have to download it to the phone’s internal memory and then manually move it to the memory card. (Note that if the phone’s “native” memory is more than 90% full, it needs to be serviced.)

It doesn’t remember movies you’ve already watched, and you can’t start watching again “from the same place” after closing the app.

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Category: Video Players and Editors.

Android 4.0 or higher is compatible.

32 and 64 bit sizes

There are no built-in purchases.

Show Box is the creator.

License: Free

Age requirements: 0+

There is no advertising.

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