We all have heard about the Showbox application from some of our friends and relatives. This application like other movie streaming applications allows us to stream movies and tv shows online without any cost!

Also watching movies in HD quality makes this app more commendable. Since it is majorly used, it runs on all operating systems even on PC and tablets. So start downloading your favorite movies and shows without any extra cost!

This application ranks in the top 50 most popular applications – it has provided its users with more than 10,000 movies to choose from and also the updated news is been added to the library very frequently. Also, what makes more special about this application is it has a very simple interface and friendly user.

Show box is one of the majorly used applications by android users since this application allows you to stream and watch movies online without any charges.


Here we will talk about how to download Showbox for android smartphones:

  • Start with the mobile settings, where you have to click on the option where downloads from unknown sources are accepted.
  • Now search for this application on google play store which can be compatible with your device.
  • Once you find the suitable version for your device click on the install option and the download will begin in the background.
  • You can find your downloaded app in the menu icons on your mobile screen.
  • And it’s done! Browse your favorite movies from a wide range of movies.


To have access to the apk file of this application, you must first download the .apk file extension.

  • Download the apk file from your computer, you can find apk file available on any websites easy to download. You can just download the apk file and once downloaded you must transfer this apk file to your smartphone using a USB cable.
  • Once you transfer this apk file into your smartphone you can download and install the apk version of Showbox application.
  • Enjoy streaming videos online!

Download Showbox App & Install for Android, iPhone, Blackberry


For Showbox to access the personal computer is a little difficult to download. It requires ARC welder or blue stacks which are a must for this android app to run on PC.

  • This PC version allows the user to watch any serials they missed.
  • This application can be downloaded on windows 8 or any later version.
  • Showbox for PC is available in many versions: 4.64, 4.61, 4.53, 4.27, 4.25, 4.08.
  • To run Showbox on PC first option available is – ARC WELDER.
  • Download the ARC WELDER from google chrome webstore.
  • Once ARC WELDER IS DOWNLOADED add it as a page on google chrome.
  • Download Showbox from this ARC WELDER.
  • Make sure you add the ‘.apk’ extension to the Showbox word.
  • And it’s done!
  • To run Showbox on PC second option – BLUESTACKS.
  • Like the above procedure, we need to download the blue stack from its official site.
  • Once BLUESTACKS is added, search for the .apk file of Showbox application and you can download Showbox on your PC.

Install Showbox For PC, Laptop, Windows 7/8/10


For downloading Showbox on MAC OS follow the below steps. This will allow you to stream movies on your mac using Showbox application.

  • First of all, you need to download Genymotion and later create an account on that.
  • Now download virtual box
  • Start running the virtual box.
  • From the virtual device, you download the apk file of Showbox.
  • And the app is getting downloaded.

Show box App for Mac Os


Blackberry users of today’s operating system won’t find any problem to download any app. Because it is somewhat similar to the android system.

Most of all you need to click on the option where downloads from unknown users can save into the drive. That is accepting a download from unknown sources. And like other downloading options go to the search options click install and we are done. The file is downloaded.

Install for BlackBerry


Showbox can be downloaded using BlueStacks. Follow the below steps to download on iPhone.

  • To have access to Showbox on your iPhone, download the vShare app.
  • Just click on accept downloads from unknown sources and click on the trust button.
  • Now from your apps drawer, open the vShare app.
  • You can now download the Showbox app from the vShare app.
  • Click on install and we are done. Showbox is downloaded.

Showbox for iPhone, iPad, iPod – Install & Download for free


Chromecast will help you enjoy movie streaming on your big TV screen. Follow the below steps.

  • As we are seeing, we need to click check on the option where downloads from unknown sources are accepted.
  • And now install Growbox then again from Growbox download all cast.
  • When all cast is downloaded you can select Showbox as an internal player option and select the movie which you want to cast.

Watch Movies to TV/Chromecast


Usually, when show box error occurs just try refreshing the application and give 2 min time to reload the application will run automatically. So I would here give you a few tips to solve the errors.

  • If the error occurs and says that the video is not available you can look on to another solution, all you got to do is, either uninstall and install the app again or clear the history so that the app works properly.

So this can work for sure set on Samsung, Nexus, HTC android iOS and all.

  • Also, if you find any problem you can wait for either the update being developed or the problem may automatically get resolved.

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