MovieBox Apk for Android, iPhone, PC

MovieboxMoviebox is a ShowBox app, which allows you to watch movies online. Installing it is a little challenging, but it’s worth it! Movie Box provides the ability to download and watch online movies and TV shows.

Torrents remain the most convenient way to watch movies and TV series for PC ways to download and watch torrents online a lot. It turns out that for iOS, too, we have a decision — Moviebox.

The app works on the principal ShowBox and allows you to view online torrents.

Moviebox App for iOS

Applications for obvious reasons are not available in the App Store, so to install it, visit this link and download the Moviebox iOS app (.ipa file).

It is worth noting that Apple has closed the installation of Movie Box on iOS devices installed with iOS 8.1.

At the bottom of the screen of the application, there is a small advertising banner that retracts when you view it.MovieBox App

The application performs perfectly its task and allows you to browse torrents on your iPhone or iPad. Before, this could not even dream. The movie library is always growing. As I mentioned above, the new application—despite this—already has many movies and TV shows of different genres.

  • In the tab “news” you can track the latest added video files.
  • There is also a possibility of downloading videos on your iPad and viewing it anytime, go to “My Library”.
  • The plus of the app is the ability to ask the developer to add any movie. You need to use the menu item “Order”.

I suggest this app for people who love to watch movies on the go or at home. MovieBox is free and available in the default repositories, big boss, type in the search “movie box”.

If you want to know where the downloaded movie is for viewing on your computer or even for something, go to /var/mobile/library/artworks.

How to download Moviebox for PC

This cool application can be used not only on a phone or tablet, but also on a PC. How to install Moviebox on the PC because it is designed for Android? Everything is simple. It would be best if you used the Android emulator BlueStacks for PC.

MovieBox for PC

Download BlueStacks from the official website and install it on your PC. After installation, shake the Movie Box and open it with the emulator. The emulator is the same as on the phone.

That’s all. Pleasant viewing.

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