Showbox For PC, Laptop, Tablet

Showbox is an app used by the users to download and install Showbox on Windows computer using ARC Welder or BlueStacks so that the users can download their favorite movies for free of cost and then watch whenever they wish to and how many times they want to. No additional downloads are required, and there is no limit.

Run the Showbox on your PC

Using the Internet interface is compulsory. The users can easily download many movies they wish to and in any language. The app is designed in such a way that it is comfortable and friendly to the users.

To run any Android app on a personal computer, the aid of ARC welder or BlueStacks is necessary for PCs.

Earlier, BlueStacks were used to support MAC Version. It doesn’t help anymore.

Not only movies but the users can also download serials they missed by chance and can watch it anytime at their leisure.

Showbox App can be installed on Windows/PC. The app is fun to use, along with innovative and exciting features to add up.

In Showbox, there is an option for the user wherein the user can set the resolution of the video quality to play. The ratings are increasing day by day as the users love the app, and it has got its brand name in the technology world.

READ: The primary benefit of the app is that the user doesn’t have to sign up for details or need permission to browse the app and download the stuff.

The developers of the app, for some technical reasons, have stopped working on the app, but still, it doesn’t discriminate its users to finish downloading the app and use it. If for any reason, there is a problem, the user can refresh the page and wait for about two minutes, and then the app functions again.

SHOWBOX was designed for android users earlier, but now can be easily downloaded on Windows (PC). You can also watch live streaming of any TV series using this app.

Versions of Showbox Apk file

  • 5.35
  • 5.11
  • 5.08
  • 5.06
  • 4.64
  • 4.61
  • 4.53
  • 4.27
  • 4.25
  • 4.08.

Because of some virus and server issues, the latest version of the app was stopped as it resulted in an error. The team requests to be patient enough and present an understanding as it needs the error to be fixed up. Once it is fixed, the news will be published on the website.

Characteristics for PC

  • Free to download.
  • The list of movies and TV shows are wide-ranging.
  • Can stream movies and live TV shows.
  • Workable to use.
  • Download Showbox on PC using BlueStacks.

Run Showbox on Laptop & PC using ARC WELDER

  • Make sure your computer has Google Chrome; if not, then first download it.
    Google Chrome Icon for showbox
  • Open Chrome and download ARC WELDER.
    ARC Welder Download for ShowboxArc Welder Add to Chrome for showbox
  • Tap ‘add to chrome’.Add Arc Welder for showbox
  • ‘Add app’ and open a new tab and opt for ‘apps’.Open Apps chrome
  • Open ARC WELDER.Launch ARC Welder for showbox
  • Choose or create a new directory for the ARC Welder.Hit Choose in ARC Welder for showbox
  • Download Showbox Latest apk on your computer press ‘add your apk’ and lastly add Showbox apk.Hit Add APK in ARC Welder showboxTest on Full Screen ARC Welder
  • Then run a small test, and now the app is installed on the computer. If you are getting a “Connection Error: Please check your internet connection” error, open a new tab in Chrome > Apps > Showbox.Open Showbox
  • To launch Showbox, open Chrome > New tab > Apps > Showbox.

Run the Showbox on Windows using BLUESTACKS

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free right on your big PC screen with Showbox using BlueStacks Android Emulator.

    1. First, download and install BlueStacks on the official site: BlueStacks for Windows.Install BlueStacks for showbox pc
    2. Show box APK, download it: Showbox Apk Download
    3. Right-click the downloaded file and open with BlueStacks and run on PC.Install ShowBox for pc
    4. Now Open BlueStacks to run Showbox. You will be prompted to update the app when you open the program.ShowBox is Installed on your PC
    5.  You will be notified to update the app when you open Showbox.
    6. After installation, you can see an option open to watch movies on Showbox on your PC Desktop or Laptop. There is another option called DONE. If you click on that, you can use the app later.

Now open the Showbox app to watch your desired movies, TV shows, and many more videos right from your PC.

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