How to Watch a Movie on Showbox?

how to use showboxYour friends have informed you of this fantastic movie that you should not miss out on. Your schedule is, however, tight, and you are longing for the weekend. Save yourself some slack and consider using Showbox. It has never been easier.

How do you feel about an app you need not give yourself details to sign up for or in? What about an app that offers you movie listings and TV shows to choose from?


Showbox allows you to watch movies with a resolution compatible with your video player. This app will also enable you to watch movies online or, better still, download them to watch later.

The film that you need to watch goes by the name “Snatched”. This is how you can watch it.


You cannot watch the video without having the application. To download Showbox on an Android phone, you need to get the link. It is, however, essential to note that the app is not available in the Play Store.

You will, therefore, have to download Showbox using the APK file. You can also download it on your PC and transfer it to your smartphone using a USB cable.


This is winding up on the downloading process to gain the app entirely. You will still need the APK file for Showbox App that you used to download the app. Click on it to start the installation process.

You need to check your device settings to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. Otherwise, the installation process may not be successful.

It will then ask you to accept the terms and agreement of the app you will receive using your Google account. To ensure you have successfully installed the app, a confirmation message will appear on your screen asking you to open it.

This process requires an internet connection and less than two minutes to be completed.


The first place you get to once you open the app is the home page. It is attractive with the latest Hollywood movies posted there.

This page is where you get the categories that you need to get to the next level. Each group will be necessary with this process, as you will require using them.


The movie snatched may not be among the films highlighted on the homepage. You will, therefore, have to find it using the categories available. Knowing the genre of the movie is an added advantage as it aids in the search process.

First, you can take the easy option of clicking on the search bar. From your android keyboard, you type the name of the movie, in this case, “snatched” and click to get results. You also have another category to choose from that may get you to the same destination.

On the top right of your screen, you have the option to update. This option will surely work for you, especially if the movie is new.

Clicking on the update will provide icons for new movies and TV shows. You can go through the items to get your film. How much easier can it get? There is also a movie category where you can click to see the movies. Here you get to see the details of the video you picked.


This is an exciting and rewarding part of the above process. Considering that you get to watch these movies for free, the process is worth the wait. If you clicked on the movie category and found “snatched” among the films, you can select it.

You can access the movie using the download button or easily still click on the watch now to watch the video.

You can choose the quality of the film in terms of resolution. Likewise, you may pick a resolution that may lead to your playback being buffered. If so, want a lower resolution. The process is the same whether you get your movie from the update category or search category.

I would not think of a cheaper and uncomplicated method as that of using Showbox. You will keep up with “snatched” and any updates on the same. And from then on, you will never want to catch up with a movie on TV or buy one. Showbox is always there for you.