Best Video Players for ShowBox

Best Video Players for ShowBoxThere is no shortage of Video Player apps in both the Android and Apple App Stores. But not this cut it for everyone. And no one has the time or patience to check out each one of them for their pros and cons.

We’re bringing the three best apps that can work wonders for your ShowBox app and creating a free movie-watching experience to vote for.

MX Player

MX Player users profit from the fact that it is the default player for the ShowBox app’s movies or TV show content. The app has a fresh interface where you can seek, adjust brightness, volume, and seek subtitles via simple swipes.

MX Player has an excellent interface for selecting the movie or video you want to watch if you have them downloaded.

The app tells you which videos are new and unwatched, which folders have such videos, and which ones were left in between. It also asks you if you wish to resume a previous video from where you left it or start over again.

Since ShowBox APK supports MX Player explicitly, you can expect it to buffer at lightning speed on a good internet connection. You can click “Watch Now” of the app, and the app will take you directly to MX Player, which saves you many taps in between.


GrowBox is a recently launched media player app. The app resembles MX Player in every way. Then why was the app developed? MX Player stopped supporting casting ShowBox movies to big screens a few updates ago.

The resultant lack was filled with altruistic developers who made the GrowBox app and made it available for free on the internet. The top-right menu has the casting option, just like MX Player had a while ago when you played a ShowBox movie.

Want to get the app? Just google for it! There are also upgrades to the app available now, by the names GrowierBox and GrowiestBox.

The only shortcoming? The weed-leaf icon might not sit well on phones susceptible to assaults on prying eyes, like maybe your parent’s or church priest.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a PC software that plays videos, audio, and everything else. The app has also been available for Android users for quite some time now. Go to Google’s Play Store to get the app, and you won’t be disappointed.

While VLC Player is cited as a media player on the ShowBox app, there are no tangible benefits to using it with the ShowBox app.

The benefits are the sole of using the VLC Player app, and they are quite mesmerizing. The familiar interface makes you feel at home, and the app combines the utility of a competent audio player. Use it to play videos from a drive or via networks just as quickly as they do on your SD card. How cool is that?!

The app we recommend is GrowBox or one of its upgrades, since they combine the best features of MX Player along with the ability to cast your content to any Chromecast-enabled big screen. Kindly let us know your opinion in the comments below.