Showbox vs. Terrarium TV: Comparative Guide

A novice to streaming entertainment might not give a tinker’s damn about the platform he is using. But sticklers for quality always will.

Streaming has become one bustle in the industry, with ventures like Showbox and Terrarium creating the most potent buzz. Each platform claims excellence over the other in its marketing patterns.

Under such a force of persuasion, even experts can go scratching their heads while choosing the best for their needs, let alone novices. We have tried to settle the dust once and for all by comparing the two most beloved streaming platforms in the world – Showbox Lite and Terrarium TV.

Read on!

Our focus in this article will be to discuss Terrarium TV, some features it includes, and how to use it on different platforms. Watching your favorite shows can be difficult nowadays.

Especially considering how costly services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are taking over. On top of paying for cable, you now have to pay monthly subscriptions for these services. Or you can’t watch your favorite videos.

There are now groups of TV shows that are limited to these platforms, meaning that if you don’t pay, you can’t watch them. It’s ridiculous!

This is where Terrarium TV is. With this platform, you can watch a wide range of different movies and TV series without paying for any subscriptions, while keeping high quality. It’s great!

What’s Showbox lite?

Showbox Lite is a modded variant of the Showbox app with no torrents. The platform works by offering your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and more with no meddling torrent links or adverts, and ensuring a pleasurable viewing.

With the same download procedure as that of Showbox APK and impressive controls, Showbox Lite is undoubtedly user-friendly and highly intuitive.

Since its interface is devoid of ad links and torrents, it consumes less storage on your device and works faster.

What’s Terrarium TV?

Terrarium TV is a streaming giant with a humongous market share. The app boasts itself hosting the broadest range of movies, TV shows, music videos, and much more, and being a front-running source of complete entertainment for users worldwide. Content on Terrarium TV is available for free.

With end-to-end Chromecast support, flexible UI, and an in-built MX player, Terrarium TV has been advancing nicely and surpassing its rivals to become the most popular streaming platform globally.

It is a beneficial application to have installed on your computer and any of your other devices, too. Not only is it a free source of entertainment, but there’s no chance of it being shut down like many of its competitors as the developers don’t host the content but provide links to other websites that host it.

Furthermore, while there is only one version of Terrarium available, which has been developed for the Android operating system, it indirectly supports a wide range of different platforms.

The intended version is only suitable for Android devices, but with the methods we showed you above, you can quickly adapt the program, so you can use it on pretty much any device out there.

As mentioned above, Terrarium TV is a free streaming platform, and while it is only meant for Android, you can install this app on a range of different devices. The primary devices that you can connect Terrarium to are:

  • Android phones and tablets,
  • iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, or iPods),
  • Windows PC,
  • Mac computers,
  • Any other device capable of running KODI,
  • and more.

With the Terrarium App, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows for free, without having to pay, and at your leisure.


  • It’s free!
  • Easy-to-use.
  • It is regularly updated to fix any bugs and update content sources.
  • New movies and TV shows are added every few days to keep it up-to-date.
  • With the methods we showed you above, you can access Terrarium TV on multiple devices.
  • You can create bookmarks, so you can track your viewing history easily.
  • You can watch movie trailers before watching the movie and be able to view the ratings.
  • A Subreddit is available so that if users experience any problems, they can discuss them with other users and developers to find a solution or have a fix implemented in the next version.


  • There are no versions available for iOS, only Android.
  • It has advertisements, although they aren’t intrusive.
  • Some genres have limited movies and TV shows (such as anime).

Terrarium TV is a straightforward application to use, and you get to watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows without having to pay a penny. There’s no reason for you not to check out this application. Especially if you’re looking to save yourself some money and stop paying for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.



Showbox Lite is a user-friendly platform, but Terrarium TV is much streamlined in approach. The latter cuts your navigation by providing a single menu for options, launched by tapping on the Play option on any movie or TV video.

You will be required to switch between multiple options on Showbox Lite if you wish to change servers or activate subtitles. The menu on Lite is neat, but who wants to go through a lengthy process?


We count terrarium TV among the streaming channels with a vast array of movies and TV serials, available for free, and played on fast servers. The content comes from full HD (1080p) and HD (720p) sources. So quality is never an issue. Showbox is a little less than Terrarium in matters of content. It continually upgrades its library, though.


Those, who are regulars with Showbox, express dissatisfaction with how subtitles work. The subtitles are improper or totally out of sync with the video. You can easily open the captions with the Showbox, and they aren’t the best of their kind.

On the flip side, Terrarium TV has no subtitles, but directs you to various sources where you can get subtitles. All this, according to the server, you’ve chosen for yourself! As the options are multiple, you can select the subtitles that suit you the best. Plus, the in-built MX player is equipped with the feature of syncing the subtitles.

Chromecast Support

To access Showbox content via Chromecast, download a third-party app, ‘Growbox’. However, Terrarium TV comes with native Chromecast support.

So, in this high-stakes battle, Terrarium TV has gotten a leg-up.

I hope this comparison helps you make the right choice. Please keep us posted for any queries or suggestions.

How to install Terrarium TV

Download Apk for Android

First, we will show you how to download Terrarium TV onto your Android device. Follow our short guide below.

Step #1: On your Android device, launch the “Settings” app and tap on “Security”.

Step #2: If it isn’t already turned on, then enable the “Unknown Sources” option before backing out of the “Settings” app and returning to the main menu.

enable unknown sources to install Terrarium TV

Step #3: Launch an internet browser and head over to the link below and download the APK file of Terrarium from the official website.

Step #4: Once it’s downloaded, tap on the Terrarium TV and install it on your device.

Step #5: After it has been installed on your Android device, you’ll be able to browse and watch all the movies and TV shows that are available.

Whether you have an Android phone or an Android tablet, you’re able to download the app and enjoy all of your favorite content on the go.

Download for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Next, we will show you how you can install the Terrarium app on any of your iOS devices. Given that there is no official iOS version of the app available. This method is slightly more complex than the previous method.

Step #1: You must first jailbreak your iOS device if it isn’t already. For those who don’t know how to jailbreak a machine, you can find a solution from the internet.

Step #2: After your iOS device has been jailbroken, download and install the “Vshare” app. You can find this app by searching it on Google, as it’s not available on the Apple App Store.

Step #3: After installing Vshare, launch it, and search for “Terrarium TV” in the search box.

Step #4: Once you find the app, download and install it on your iOS device.

Step #5: After a few seconds, you’ll be able to enjoy all the Terrarium content for free on your iOS device.

While it’s slightly more complicated. After installing Terrarium TV on your iOS device, whether that’s an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you’ll get access to all the free movies and TV shows. Hopefully, we will see an iOS version of Terrarium, and this installation process will be a lot easier.

Download Terrarium TV for Windows PC

If you aren’t looking to watch movies on the go, then it’s a good idea to download and install the Terrarium app on your computer. Again, there is no Windows version of Terrarium TV available.

Although we can use a unique program, and use the Android application on a PC for Windows users, follow the steps below.

Step #1: Start by downloading and installing the “BlueStacks” program on your computer. You can find this program on the official site.

Step #2: Now that it’s downloaded, launch it and follow the setup instructions until you have set the Android emulator up.

Step #3: On the Android emulator, open the “Settings” app, tap on “Security”, and make sure that the “Unknown Sources” setting has been enabled.

Step #4: Last, download and install the APK file on the Android emulator from here, or else use the above link.

Step #5: Once you have it installed, you’ll be able to use BlueStacks on your computer to watch movies from this application.

You can quickly adapt this method and use your computer as an Android emulator. Using apps on your computer has never been easier.

Installation for Mac

If you don’t have a Windows PC but have a Mac computer, you can follow the short guide below.

Step #1: On your Mac computer, download and install “BlueStacks” from the official website.

Step #2: Once you have BlueStacks installed, launch it. Now follow the installation guide until you have fully set up the Android emulator.

Step #3: Next, launch the “Settings” application, tap on “Security”, and enable “Unknown Sources” if it hasn’t already been activated.

Step #4: Open up a web browser on the Android emulator and download the Terrarium app from this link.

Step #5: Once you have Terrarium TV downloaded, install the APK, and enjoy your favorite movies.

This method is very similar to the Windows method. And in just a few minutes, you’ll be using the app to watch movies on your Mac computer.

Download for Kodi

Lastly, we will show you how you can download and install the Terrarium app on any device which has the Kodi platform installed on it. The most common method that you can install Kodi on is the Amazon Fire Stick.

Step #1: If you don’t already have Kodi installed on your computer or any other device, then set it up now. The installation process is unique for each device. However, for this method, we assume you are using Kodi on a computer.

Step #2: Download the Terrarium TV APK file and place it on your desktop, so you can easily find it.

Step #3: After KODI has been installed, scroll down to the “System” tab and click on it. It is now followed by clicking on “File Manager”.

Step #4: Next, select “Add Source” followed by “None”. Enter your details if you’re asked to do so.

Step #5: Head back to the main menu, and once again, click on the “System” tab from the list shown.

Step #6: This time, click on “Add-ons” and then select “Install from Zip File”.

select install from zip file option on kodi

Step #7: Locate and select the APK file. Select the file you want to use for the installation.

Step #8: After a few minutes of extracting and installing this file, you’ll be able to view media content on your KODI installation.

Now that you’ve read all the different installation guides, you can enjoy Terrarium TV on all your devices. This app completely removes the need for you to pay for Netflix and other streaming services. But it allows you to enjoy countless great movies and TV shows without a price tag being attached.


Below are some of the most common questions about the Terrarium App and answers to those questions.

Question: Is there an iOS version of the app available?

Answer: There is no official iOS version of the app available. However, with the method above, you can watch movies on Terrarium TV.

Question: Can I get in trouble for watching?

Answer: Fortunately, Terrarium App does not use torrenting technology but streaming, making it a legal process.

Question: Are there subtitles available?

Answer: Terrarium TV has subtitles available, although the quality of these subtitles is unknown, as they are sourced from different websites.

Question: My streams keep buffering; how can I fix this?

Answer: Usually, this is a problem on your end, and you can fix it by making sure that nobody else is using your Wi-Fi for any strenuous activities (e.g., streaming Netflix, video conferencing, etc.). If you are the only one using your Wi-Fi, then try restarting your router. This should do the trick.

If you’re struggling with using the TV app, and you can’t find the answer, then you can post your questions on the Subreddit where both the developers and users can help you out.

These are the simple and easy ways to get Terrarium TV App from the tutorials. Follow them carefully and then stream your favorite movies or episodes from the various categories.