How do I get Showbox to update?

how to update showboxShowBox is an immensely popular app that gets your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, short films, and other entertainment to play and download on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You can run the app on Blackberry and Windows PCs with an Android Emulator. It’s also available for iOS devices under the name MovieBox.

The trouble with ShowBox apk for Android, iPhone, and PC has usually been updating it. The app itself notifies you when a new version is available. But users report that the app can stay a lot of time in that state.

Others say that the app cannot notify them and stops loading movies and TV shows when newer ones are available. Here are some ways to solve ShowBox update errors.

Updating ShowBox Apk manually

To manually update your app, you need to get the latest Showbox apk file, delete the old one, and uninstall the old version to install the latest. Here’s a list of steps to follow.

Find the old ShowBox apk file in your system and delete it.

Download the latest ShowBox apk from the Internet.

Uninstall the ShowBox app from your device. Long press and drag it to the Uninstall bin, and it should go away on its own.

Install the latest ShowBox apk you have just downloaded.

The shortcoming of this method is that there is no way to recover the data you lose this way.

The app will no longer carry the preferred content you marked in the previous version or install the last apk again.

Update Showbox via the app

The error reported by many has been that the app stops offering reminders to the user once they dismiss the notification about the latest versions. That, too, can be worked around.

Launch the ShowBox app from your home screen menu.

Tap the hamburger menu at the top left to access the list. Or swipe to your right.

You should see an Updates option on the menu. Tap on it and get notified if there are any newer versions of the app around.

Then, you may allow updating and watch as the newest apk downloads and installs.

This is a much easier method, as you’ll find, and it also keeps your favorites and preferences.

When to update the ShowBox app?

Signs are visible when your ShowBox app needs to be updated.

This is why the developers added a pesky notification that wouldn’t go away until you updated to the latest version.

If you don’t get the latest movies loading on your app, it might be because the version of the app you have is not recognized by the service. Update to one of the latest releases, so you can have your fill of entertainment.

When a new version of the app arrives, you get a notification telling you about the most modern, hottest features that have been included. Get the latest version if you want those on your device.

ShowBox app can show errors in updating, like with too many ads, torrent links stalling, or broken apk files that refuse to be installed. Here, check out ShowBox Lite, a mod version of the original apk that is also 20 MB smaller.

Please tell me if you face any other problems installing the app or updating it.