How To Watch ShowBox on Roku Without Breaking Into A Sweat

ShowBox on RokuRoku TV is a new-found excitement to those who cling on to the TVs like they cling to their lives. It’s an easy and effortless way to play quality content via streaming channels while staying connected to the Internet. This means you need to connect a Roku player to the internet, set up a Roku account, and start streaming straight to your television set.

Roku streaming players come with a remote and are equipped with powerful features like Roku Search, where users pick their favorite TV shows, movies, and games.

The top-drawing aspect is Roku’s extensive content pool of 450,000+ movies and TV shows, procured from both free and paid services. You can access even more movies by Downloading Showbox App or any other movie you fancy.


Roku TV gives you access to Free Channels, Subscription Channels, Authenticated Channels and Rent-on-Buy channels. Plus, users can watch over 140+ sports channels, including NFL, NBA, WatchESPN, FOX Sports and more.

Users can cherry-pick the content by entering the title, actor, or director’s name using the Roku remote. The streaming player will itself inform you whether the content is available for free or rented for a fee.


First things first, ShowBox on Roku TV can only be played on Android devices. So, users, having iOS and Windows devices, are in for a colossal disappointment.


Many believe that Chromecast is a viable tool to run ShowBox on Roku. But again, it’s a foolish belief. Both Chromecast and Roku are streaming players, and Chromecast is just another way to run Showbox.


If you are at sea and cannot figure out how to cast Showbox on Roku TV, this post is for YOU. We’ve clearly defined the right way to stream Showbox content on Roku. Read on!

Step One

You will have to make sure that your Roku TV and your Android smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not. This is a must when you are using a dual-band wireless router.

Step Two

Go to Roku and turn on the “Screen Mirror” feature.

Step Three

The subsequent step will be to establish a connection between your Android smartphone and Roku TV. To perform this action, you need to reach out to the ‘Navigation Panel’ of Roku and search the ‘Cast Feature’ tab.

Step Four

Launch the Cast Interface and, just like the typical Bluetooth connection, wait a while until you see your Roku device showing up on the screen to pair it.

Step Five

Now, on your Roku TV, you will be able to see the Home Screen of your Android device.

Step Six

Finally, what you have to do is open the ShowBox APK app, play your favorite movie/show, and tap on “Watch Now”.


We presume that we can address all your thoughts about casting ShowBox on Roku TV. For more tips and guides, stay glued to us.

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