How to Fix ShowBox Server Error?

ShowBox Server ErrorAs a frequent ShowBox user, I must confess I have rarely encountered any problems or errors on the app. I often solve any error messages by restarting the app, and it works fine each time.

But looking at the number of problems being reported across internet forums, I thought I should get a bit into it and have a look.

After a lot of research, I’ve made this short and simple post that should tell you how to get rid of common problems, like ShowBox Server Error, ShowBox not responding, and more. Let’s get started!

ShowBox Server Error

ShowBox Server Errors occur when files or torrents of a movie or TV show are missing, or if they were never added. This means the data is not available anywhere on the internet, or if it is yet to be added.

You can wait for a few days and check for the file again. The ShowBox team is observant and takes notes whenever videos go missing.

ShowBox jumps back to the start

ShowBox is an excellent means of keeping yourself updated on the latest movies and TV shows. However, some users report that the video doesn’t play regularly and goes back to the beginning.

Some even say this goes on over and over. The cause of this problem is petty. Most often, this happens because of a slow internet connection.

When streaming content, you connect your smartphone to a session on the server which expires after a while. If you have slow internet, your session will expire before your content can complete browsing if the session does not reconnect to enable more buffering, and your video restarts.

Try getting a faster connection, or pause the video when you start it and let it buffer to some extent before beginning to watch it.

ShowBox Crashing

Crash reports are perhaps the most frequent problems reported for apps. The cause is easy to eliminate too! To get your favorite app to stop crashing, it might be helpful to delete some old apps, useless data, and media files.

The problem is caused if your memory gets too crowded to run a process. Otherwise, this error is rare, and you can restart the app with no hassle.

ShowBox cannot play this video

If ShowBox cannot play the file you’re using, the cause could be that your media player is not compatible. ShowBox supports all of its content to play seamlessly on MX Player.

Try downloading MX Player on your device. If you also want to cast your movies on the TV or PC, get GrowBox instead. Read more in our article on GrowBox and ShowBox here.

Have you been facing another problem we have perhaps not covered here? Tell us what errors are bugging you, and there might be an available solution we have for it.

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