The Best Showbox Alternatives, Free Movies Apps Like ShowBox

Showbox AlternativesStreaming technology seems like a reality, cut from our dreams. Who would have thought someday, we will find ourselves seated in an original state where global entertainment would be provided at no cost – anytime, anywhere?

Streaming media is the most significant format ever devised, which has practically changed everything about our entertainment habits.

There are many free/paid apps in the market, which allows you to watch and download free HD movies, animations, and TV shows.

It begins the list with the obvious Showbox streaming app, which offers a fat roll of entertainment to binge on – anytime in the day, anywhere of your choice. The application provides the most comprehensive catalog of movies, TV shows, music, games, and much more.

ShowBox is well-equipped to run on every OS, from Android, iOS to Windows, and this makes it one of the most bankable streaming platforms ever.

Using a streaming platform other than ShowBox might always seem iffy. But, after trying two such alternatives, we’re sure that you will be sold.

Here, we have rounded up the top best Showbox App alternatives for Android, iOS, and PC, which are so good that they will replace ShowBox for you forever.


Here are some of the best Showbox movie app alternatives to download, but follow this little procedure before you go with these apps.

Android users have to make this change on their mobiles and continue installing your favorite app. Go to “Settings” -> go to “Security” -> find the “Unknown sources” and make sure that the option is checked.


MovieBox is the perfect Showbox alternative application. It works on both iOS and Android.

If you need to view the latest movies, television shows, or cartoons in high definition (780p or 1080p) right in your Android apparatus, MovieBox is the best use of its kind.

It’s nicely developed; you can not only see TV shows and films, but you can even get them right on your android apparatus.

Flipps HD

Hoping to get entertainment on the loop? Flipps TV is where you should stop at.

The application lets you discover your favorite picks from its massive collection of news, movies, TV shows, sports events, and much more on the screen of your smartphone. The app is also compatible with Chromecast, and you can easily stream content on the big screen.

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Using Flipps HD, you will reckon with its amazing extras, which break the shell of streaming, and bring a lot to your ultimate satisfaction.

The streaming platform is a first-hand rival of Showbox for being user-friendly, content-rich, flexible, and streaming not just on a smartphone, but also on your TV box. So, bond over the incredible range of movies and TV shows on Flipps HD for FREE, and have enormous fun!


  • Over 100+ channels for entertainment that’s extraordinary.
  • Stream instantly. No log-in required.
  • The need for a dongle, cable, or set-top box is nixed.
  • Battery-saver: total flexibility of using phone while streaming.
  • Video streaming at 1080p resolution quality.


Crackle is one application that has all the potential to soar the charts like ShowBox. Packed with an exclusive directory of movies, TV shows, and games, this application is the fodder for hungry hearts that seek quality entertainment.

Crackle is a perfectly crafted app that can work in sync with digital media players, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and many others. And it’s a free application with an interface as simple as ABC.

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Crackle is the greatest and the simplest one right there, by far and away, which delivers copious amounts of entertainment to your couch. Navigating this streaming platform is beyond ease.

At Crackle, you get the biggest scoop in the glitz and glamor industry, including movies, TV shows, and videos, and that too, for free. What’s more? Crackle lets you stream the content LIVE.


  • Crackle is easy and instant;
  • Personalize your viewing to your specific needs only if you register;
  • Compatible with multiple devices;
  • 250 full-length movies and 50 TV shows with 10 of each added every month;
  • No HD on Crackle, but you’ll get to roll your eyes over the best content across the board.


Hubi strikes a ton with streaming entertainment, and rightly so. The application works by extracting the URL of the video you are interested in watching.

Plus, it is so efficiently made that selecting and downloading a movie is a creamy affair. Now, binge-watch your preferred films and TV shows, and feel a total boom in your leisure time.

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Hubi gives another dimension to your element of entertainment by not just providing you movies on the go, but also the TV soaps and videos spread across the web.

The streaming launcher is the most convenient of its kind, ladling out a vast pool of movies and TV shows at no cost. However, if you wish to get rid of the ads provided on Hubi, pay a meager fee, and you’re done for good.


  • A cross-streaming platform that delivers excellent shows;
  • Assimilates video content from over 30 channels, including NowVideo and YouTube;
  • Equipped to run videos without Adobe Flash Technologies;
  • Movies and videos you watch get stuck around in Hubi’s surf history;
  • A fast and trusted source of content.

showbox alternatives


Popcorn Flix is a winning application that not only offers Hollywood movies but also a bunch of Bollywood movies. The app is free and adds a new film to the list daily with no subscription fees.

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Popcorn Flix is real entertainment to the hilt. Every time, even more! The streaming platform is all over, and it is totally upon us to ensure that our free time doesn’t fritter away.

There’s never a dull moment with Popcorn Flix, for its giant collection of movies and TV shows helps you reach a state of pure bliss. PopcornFlix offers the most updated list of movies and TV shows and provides a deal every couch potato will drool for.


  • No hidden costs. The quality has no parallel;
  • Over 700 movies are on the menu.
  • Genres like Drama, Animation, Mystery, Action, and Sports available.

Big Star Movies

BigStar is an instant passport to the most stellar movies, documentaries, and foreign flicks ever made in cinema history. Forget Hollywood, and the app brings you the most atypical entertainment stuff, something that you’ll not see on regular streaming platforms.

However, this application is free, but it also offers paid services to customers who want unlimited access to entertainment as a diversified whole.

Available On: iOS, Android

About: If you are drugged in entertainment, no dope will get you tripping like Big Star Movies.

The application is a great way to build a significant life on television, as it offers the most extensive array of not only movies and TV shows but also documentaries, and caters to multitudinous requirements like a total slayer.

And Big Star Movies is a free app, and hence, there’s nothing about this application, which is out of your budget.


  • Flaunts a download count of 1 million or more;
  • A cut above the rest to bring content as atypical as documentaries to your drawing rooms;
  • No subscription fees or payment. It’s free and shall remain so, ever.

Tubi TV

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Streaming was never delivered better until things had been left to Tubi TV. The app is compatible with Android 4.0.4 but is so perfect that it has notched up its personal space on the post.

The app is easy to operate with over 40,000 movies neatly splattered under various categories.


  • Content in full HD;
  • The grandest collection of movies, legal TV shows, and music at your disposal;
  • A lot of free categories to pick your preference from;
  • Compatible with multiple devices, including Roku and Chromecast.


Available On: iOS, Android

About: Hulu is a deal you will dig, and enthusiastically so. The streaming platform throws up surprises with its range of entertainment choices that include movies, TV soaps, games, and much more.

The customization options at Hulu, ranging from parental controls to subtitle customization, will flatter you.


  • Genres like Classic, Comedy, Drama, and Crime are available;
  • Entertainment of profound proportions ensured;
  • Chromecast-friendly.

Sky HD

Available On: iOS, Android

About: Sky HD is a streaming platform that’s sheer therapy. With its elongated trail of entertainment goodies, including movies and TV shows, the app is something to place your bets on.

Sky HD offers HD content, ensuring a viewing experience that gladdens your heart, and its user-friendliness is such that you will get hopelessly addicted to this app.


  • Easy and Instant;
  • Best-in-class picture quality that wows you;
  • It provides content for free, which makes it a real bargain.

PlayBox HD

If the quality doesn’t bother you, you can look at the PlayBox HD app. This app shows all the latest stuff; for example, you can watch Bollywood movies, documentaries, etc. The interface and working of this app are quite similar to Showbox.

You just hit the TV show and can watch according to the episode number you desire. You can add them to your favorites, sort them, and even search by top ratings. It will not always show 720p or 1080p stuff here, but you can find all the latest movies, shows, or documentaries on this app.

PlayBox HD sweeps you with a tide of entertainment and ecstasy. We bet! As the name itself suggests, the streaming application offers HD content for free and works well. The response time of PlayBox HD amazes and speaks a ton about its superior servers.

Available On: iOS, Android


  • Broad in the content;
  • Streaming and Downloading are both available;
  • Easy to install and use.

Cartoon HD

With Cartoon HD, you can nevertheless see movies in moderate quality if you have a slow internet connection. The interface is smooth; it is possible to sort the pictures according to name, IMDB evaluations, etc. It contains low, high, moderate quality choices with install options and subtitles.

Video Mix

The reason why this app is on this list is that the content you find here is mind-blowing. According to countries, you can categorize movies; you can watch Australian films, Bangladeshi film, 19’s movies, regional movies, or movies worldwide.

The catalog of this app is updated very frequently, so you can find all the latest releases.


This app is one of the best Android apps for many reasons; it gives you the option to watch free movies and live TV shows with high quality. The Mobdro catalog is very familiar, and the interface is straightforward to understand.

Cinema Box

Cinema Box is the best app for those who love to watch the latest movies, sitcoms, animations, and cartoons. You need not spend lots of money on just your cell phone. You can download a vast amount of films, and thus it is a staple for this list.

CinemaBox is so full of utility that it can blank ShowBox out of your routine like nothing. The streaming platform cuts the cord with a raft of fantastic features that include streaming content in offline mode.

The most likable aspects of CinemaBox are the ‘kids’ mode feature, and the facility of subtitles, which helps users reach a better understanding of the movie/TV show on the play.

Available On: iOS, Android


  • Not comfortable with the resolution? No worries. Mark your comfort by choosing your best-suited resolution from various options on CinemaBox.
  • Language no bar. CinemaBox offers content in 15 different languages, along with subtitles.
  • Cast content on the TV screen using Chromecast.

Google Play Movies

If you are looking for something that provides unlimited entertainment choices in one place, Google Play Movies is your go-to app.

It is a video-on-demand service, providing a world of entertainment in real High Definition for free, and is also equipped with a 4K Ultra 4D video for selective titles. Google Play Movies is a highly intuitive app, where users can download any movie or TV show of their preferences in a trice.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is impressively explosive in terms of entertainment and is a direct opponent of ShowBox.

The best part about this application is the way it hosts movies, TV shows, and games on Google drives and other cloud networks. Another heart-gladdening factor about the app is the easy access to subtitles.

Merely a few swipes are enough to get you the entertainment of your mold.


Viewster lets you view your favorite movies, TV shows, and Anime for free.

What makes this app a standout in the crowd are two features that you will find nowhere else. You can read the biographies of actors and actresses and know your favorites a little better.


NetflixNetflix is a noted streaming service and is an invariable favorite of many.

Its popularity is overwhelming, owing to the hit list of entertainment it manages, and the super-easy interface that makes navigation a breeze.

Not only is the content exciting, but subscription plans are also free and come with no unnecessary extras.

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