Showbox On Amazon Fire TV Stick (Download, Install & Run)

Showbox On Amazon Fire TV StickShowBox is an application that is accessible on almost all platforms and devices, for example, Windows PC & phone, Android PC & phone, iOS devices, BlackBerry, Kindle and now on Amazon Fire TV.

Due to decent video quality and an updated user interface, ShowBox is quite popular among its competitors. ShowBox has been viral for a very long time. To compete with its peers, ShowBox has been launching new services and updated features on the application. And for the same reason, it is launched on various platforms and devices you may know…

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to download, install and run ShowBox on Amazon Fire TV easily. Indeed, the process sounds a little strenuous, but if you follow the exact process given below, you’ll find it pretty simple and easy on your fingers.

Boot up & Install ShowBox on Amazon Fire TV

  • Foremost, you need to go to the settings from the sidebar on your Amazon Fire TV. Then under settings, click on the “System”.
  • In the system, press “about” and then “networks”. In Networks, it’s important to note down your IP address for future reference.
  • Now go back to the system menu and, from the same menu, go to the developer option.
  • From the developer options, enable ADB Debugging and Applications from unknown sources.
  • As soon as you enable both options, the system will give you a warning stating.
  • Press “Ok” on the warning dialog box, and go back to the home screen.
  • Open your web browser. You can use any web browser to download ADBfire on your computer.
  • Now search for ADBfire in your web browser and download the EXE file on your system.
  • Once the application is installed, go to your downloads, you’ll notice that the app is in zip format. Unzip the app.
  • Now, open the application, i.e “adbfire.exe”.
  • Double-click on the file. When you click on it, a page will open.
  • Right at the top, type your IP address, which we’ve noted from the network option.
  • Just after entering the IP address, press the “Stop” button first, and then, make sure that the ADB is not running. It is available right at the bottom of the page.
  • Then, as you’re confirmed, press the “Start” button and the ADB will start running. Now click on the “Connect” option. At the bottom of the page again, you’ll notice the device connected.
  • Now click on the “Install Apk”. Please note that before installing any apk, you need to download a particular app on your PC first, then you can utilize this option.
  • When you click on the install apk option, a page will open to locate the app you want to install. Go to the “Apps” and click on the desired application. Here it is, “ShowBox Apk“.
  • Click on ShowBox and open it.
  • Once the application is fully installed, a small pop up message will appear on the screen, saying “ShowBox is successfully installed”. Press “OK”.
  • Now you can disconnect from the IP address and close the ADBfire.exe file.

Run ShowBox on Amazon Fire TV

To run Showbox on Amazon Fire TV, please follow the procedure given below:

  • Now on the Amazon Fire TV, go to the settings > application & > Manage all installed applications.
  • From the Manage installed applications, click on “ShowBox” and launch the application.
  • As you’ll be launching the application for the first time, it will ask you to update the app. Click on “Update” and wait for a few seconds.
  • As soon as the update finishes, you’ll see ShowBox successfully running on your Amazon Fire TV. There’ll be a list of movies or TV shows, which are well organized and systematic.
  • ShowBox is an application that will not be recognized by Amazon Fire TV. Therefore, you would be needing an “Air mouse” or a “Bluetooth mouse” for running it.

Final verdict

ShowBox is a useful application that runs movies, TV shows, entertainment news, trailers, and music albums on all your platforms. It provides you with excellent content and updated features every time you open the application. It is a well-organized and beautiful application that works for free on your device.

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