ShowBox for Windows Smartphones

ShowBox for Windows PhoneYes, the ShowBox streaming app is a springboard for some lively entertainment on the go. Unless you’re living in a stupor, you already know that ShowBox loads you up with gobs of entertainment choices, including movies, TV shows, videos, games, and much more, and that too, for free.

First, ShowBox is compatible with Android, and then two backdoor measures make it workable on Windows and iOS.

ShowBox wears the distinction of providing HD content for free. And that’s a reason big enough for us to ditch conservative media as quickly as possible. It is incredibly user-friendly and provides an interface that makes you navigate the options like a walkover.

ShowBox saves time and money while giving you plenty to spend your days on to condense the story.


Your Android device can comfortably accommodate ShowBox, and we already know it. You can download the Showbox APK version of the file that comes from a reliable source and streams content straight from ShowBox.

However, not every person is an Android user, as there are still many who don’t budge an inch on using any OS apart from iOS or Windows.

Under such circumstances, technology chips in to make the difference, and what we get are some substitutes that make it possible to do the same thing instead of in a tweaked way.

Guess what, we have listened to the old brag of your hearts.

Here, we give a loud shout-out to Windows users who don’t wish to stay oblivious to the benefits of ShowBox.


Going by our talks, you might have deduced that ShowBox isn’t available for Windows, and this is where the MovieBox application enters the picture. A popular alternative to ShowBox, the Movie Box app is parallelly drawn to the quality and variety of ShowBox applications.

Check out how you can download the Movie Box app on your Windows phone, as it’s no big deal.

Step One: First, go to the Windows Store, search MovieBox, and download the application. You can also find the download link for the app on the official Windows page.

If you are looking for the download link on the Windows official page, click on the visual image, displaying the ‘install’ option, and get it.

Step Two: By doing so, you will be immediately directed to another webpage, where you will be required to complete the sign-in details.

Being a Windows user, you have a Microsoft account. You can use the same credentials to complete the log-in formalities.

Step Three: Once through the sign-in process, synchronization allows the Movie Box app to run seamlessly on your smartphone.

Step Four: The MovieBox app will appear in the gallery of your Windows device. Open the app and go wild while streaming.

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