ShowBox iOS for iPhone, iPad, iPod

ShowBox iOS app for the iPhone, Ipad, and iPod streams the movies, TV shows and music for you to watch and enjoy them. It has got a huge collection of movies in it and updates them from time to time by adding new movies, TV shows, and songs.

You can enjoy the ShowBox app on any iPhone, Ipad, and iPod versions and they will all support this app. It is a good entertaining app that ranks on the top list of the entertaining apps in the movie streaming category, and it’s very easy to use.

Features of ShowBox for iOS

  • You can choose the quality of the videos that you want to watch.
  • It is easy to navigate within the app by searching the movies of your interest.
  • Showbox has a stunning design and that feels good.
  • It doesn’t mandate you to have an account in it to watch the movies in it. Yes, without signing up and logging in you are free to watch the movies at ease.
  • You can easily check for the updates regarding the movies and music and it offers you that mechanism.

• You can also download your favorite movies from the ShowBox app and it is very simple.

• It works both in online and offline modes.

• You are free to share your experience and opinions regarding the movies that you watch with your friends and family members.

• You can sort the movies and TV shows as per your interest and according to the category.

Download ShowBox App for iPhone, Ipad, Ipod

You will have a “My Library” in the ShowBox app where you can add your favorite movies to it and can access them easily whenever you want to. It has very few advertisements that will pop up during the movie play and they won’t annoy you much as compared to the other movie watching apps.

Most of the features and the services come at free of cost in this app, which is a good thing. It comes with a very simple and elegant interface that is easy to use and can have the real excitement to watch the movies using this app.

You can watch the HD movies in it and it also has the history of the things that you have searched and watched and that comes handy at times when you are facing any difficulty in searching for a video or movie.

So, what are you waiting for, just download this app and have it installed into your IOS devices and enter into the world of entertainment?

How to Install for iPhone

Showbox is now Available for Apple iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, all Version of Apple IPad, Apple iPod. The Installation Process show to you is the same and their no jailbreak is required to install Showbox on iPhone devices.

  • The ShowBox app is not yet officially been available for the IOS devices and you can have the same experience with the MovieBox and the way you can download it is given below.
  • Open any one of your browsers you are using.
  • Then in there, it will ask you to enter the password. Don’t be worried as it is available on the same page.
  • Search for the password and put it in the password box provided and click to proceed further. If it doesn’t ask you for the password, you can simply proceed further.
  • Then there you can find the install app on the page. Just click on it and the app will get installed onto your mobile. For the installation process, you just need to follow the few basic instructions that you do it for all other apps as usual. Once it got installed on your device, go on and enjoy it.

Now open the Showbox for iPhone, iPad, iPod to watch your desired Movies, TV shows, and many more videos right from your iOS device.

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