Showbox App Android Review

Showbox App

The Showbox App is a free movie and TV show streaming application for Android devices. It has been chosen as one of the best and safest software programs for watching HD movies for free.

With over 10 million users and over 300 thousand downloads per month, all the support for fans makes this app the top 50 most popular on Android.

Here, we are giving many reasons to explain why ShowBox is a must-have that will impress you at the drop of a hat. We’re convinced that after reading this, you will certainly join the chorus!

Showbox Android Review

Thanks to Showbox, you can also watch your favorite TV shows on the device at no cost. The app has over 10,000 video libraries, and it regularly adds new movies to the library. Showbox is straightforward to use, and it has also got outstanding features like “Add to favorites”, “View later”, etc.

Now is the time when users have to look for movies on various websites, end up having registration issues, or have to pay money to watch the film, whereas this Android App is free and does not require registration. You can search for all your movies within the app itself, and Showbox also provides over 1,000 TV shows.

It has a fabulous design and easy navigation to search for free movies and TV-shows.

It has a stunning graphic design.

The app needs no login or sign up details to use the app, and it also does not require an email ID, which makes these features unique. Otherwise, every app requires at least one function.

You can also choose or create your favorite video lists from the app.

New updates can also be checked.

Movies and TV shows can be found according to the category.

The user has the option to select the quality of video that their phone can support.

You can also download your favorite films and TV series from the ShowBox App.

Lastly, you can also share your experience with your favorite movies with your friends.

You can also view your downloads in offline mode if you are traveling and are out of data service. You need not worry that you can still watch your downloaded movies even when you’re offline.

10 Reasons Why ShowBox Astounds Us and Will Astound You

Why ShowBox Impresses Us


ShowBox App is a streaming platform the world is enamored of. Why? Because it’s a pioneering application that brings pure entertainment to your fingertips, even when you are on the move.

Because it is an Android app, it can be easily downloaded on your smartphone and quickly bring your entertainment picks to your toes. So, regardless of when and where you are unwinding, ShowBox is definitely available for a thing or two.


With ShowBox, you have a fantastic chance of enjoying your favorite movies or TV shows without any subscription at all. You can avail yourself of ShowBox content and its pack of services at no cost at all.


With ShowBox, you hit a jumbo jackpot of movies, TV shows, games, and what not. The streaming channel has an extensive collection, which is constantly upgraded and refreshed to bring you the newest entries on the entertainment planet.

Plus, you can access this platform anytime if you’ve missed any episodes of your favorite movies or TV shows.


If you want the flow of entertainment to continue uninterrupted, ShowBox APK is infallible. The gush of your leisure will be continuous, jerk-free, with no excessive ads and no broken downloaded links.


ShowBox is all about pureness, quality, and intense entertainment. With this streaming launcher, you have the opportunity to watch HD content without denting your pockets. ShowBox is where you should mark your goals if you long for HD content for sheer convenience.


ShowBox content can be easily played out on your television using Google Chromecast. You can see the exact process of running ShowBox on Chromecast here.


Almost every application is massively sold under the premise of being friendly to users, even if it’s complicated AF. ShowBox is something that walks the talk.

This streaming app is a neat, clutter-free platform with options so pleasantly laid out that you can navigate it like your own home.


Over half of streaming applications have some illegal nuts and bolts, making their use unsafe and putting you at risk. You might wonder what kind of jeopardy? Well, the answer is copyright violation, which means using or reproducing the original work without the prior consent of the creator of the content.

Since ShowBox is a streaming medium and not a torrenting platform, its usage is totally within legal canons and doesn’t make you vulnerable to copyright dangers.


ShowBox doesn’t put you through mad aspects of the download and installation process like other applications. You need to download it once, and you are done for a lifetime.

However, you will be required to upgrade regularly to watch the latest movies and TV shows. Since the application isn’t available on the Google Play Store, you are required to download the APK version of the app from a trusted source.


ShowBox is compatible with all the leading OSes – Android, Windows, and iOS. However, the modes and measures for downloading the application differ depending on the operating system.

How to safely download Showbox for Android

This app is not available on the Google Play Store, so users have to download it by following the steps given below.

As you know, this app is famous for streaming movies for free. Users of the web have millions of fans, and it’s legal, too. To install the app, you need to download the ShowBox APK.

Here is the step-by-step process for Showbox App download and installation for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. You can install the program on your PC and MacOS.

  • Go to the settings on your phone, click on Security, and you will find an option named “Unknown sources” –make this option available.
  • Now go to the file location where you have downloaded on your SD card and select that file > APK and then click on it.

Run ShowBox APK From SD Card

  • Click on the Showbox apk. If it asks you to grant permission, now click on the Next button to accept the terms and conditions of Showbox.
  • Click on “Install Options”.
  • After installation, you will see an option to watch movies on Showbox. There is another option called “DONE”. If you click on it, you can use the app later.
  • The application is finally installed on your Android device, and if you open it for the first time, it loads some data related to free movies and shows.
  • After loading the data, you can see a variety of videos and TV shows on the screen. Click on your favorite movie and enjoy watching it.


Frankly speaking, nobody ever needs a reason to download an application as amazing and fuss-free as ShowBox. For those aiming for a better play, definitely try this by simply relying on the fact that it’s supreme entertainment wherever you are cocooned. However, exceptions exist, and we’re always open to addressing them.

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